automation and engineering



As a system integration company, we have tackled just about every type of automation problem in manufacturing. Our expertise is in the following technologies:

  • Allen Bradley/Rockwell Automation PLCs (ControLogix, SLC, PLC-5), Factory Talk
  • Motion, VFDs
  • Wonderware/Intouch
  • Siemens
  • DCS – DeltaV, Foxboro
  • S88 and S95 Standards
  • Data Historian

Process Automation Focus

Automation is a lot more than just understanding the technology that runs your floor. Just as important is a sound understanding of process engineering. For example, when designing a control system, a good process automation engineer will ask questions like “What are the critical control parameters?”, “Where is the most vulnerable point in the process, from a control standpoint?”, and “What top-level information will users need to see on the HMI?” This thorough approach to designing your control system engages not only the operators, but also the Quality group, the plant engineers, operations management, and the maintenance team.

At JEA, we instill upon our engineers the importance of digging into the process and understanding the unit operations behind the controls. The best HMI screens and logic aren’t very valuable if they do not meet the needs of the end users; namely, the folks operating, optimizing, and being held accountable for the success of the manufacturing process in question.

Types Of Projects

The following is typical of the services we’ve delivered for our customers:

  • Upgrade legacy systems to modern Rockwell or Siemens equipment
  • Design innovative solutions to controls issues using RFID, WiFi networking, or other state-of-the-art technologies.
  • Trouble-shooting existing code to fix indemic and re-occuring problems.
  • Design a grassroots solution to a new expansion or capital project.

Whatever your automation issue is, you can count on Joseph Engineering and Automation to deliver the correct results for your particular need.


Success Stories

Delivery of $12 million Qualified Building Management System (QBMS) at major Pharmaceutical plant

Convert legacy PLC code and 100s of HMI screens to a modern control system for a major Food and Beverage customer

Design, program, and validate a new bulk delivery controls system for a Flavor manufacturing site.